Sunday, 2 September 2012

Module 5 Final paperwork

Module 5 - Health and Safety Observations

Use of Hot Air gun/wood burning tool
· Hold item being worked on carefully and away from direct heat source
· Use in well ventilated area
· Protect work surfaces at all times
Using Wallpaper paste/ Devoré paste
· Ensure work area is clear and protected with a plastic sheet
· Wear a mask when working with the fine powder
· Allow paste enough time to dry thoroughly
· For Devoré paste work in a well ventilated area when using the iron

Use of paints/dyes and spray paint etc:
· Use in well ventilated area/use dust mask when using powders.
· Wear old or protective clothing.
· Store on shelf well sealed.
Use of iron:
· Test the temperature on a sample first.
· Work in a well ventilated area trying not to breath in the fumes.
· Keep the iron lead away from tripping hazard.
· Store with lead away from tripping hazard.
Use of hot plate/liquidiser for paper pulp:
· Care taken to keep area clean and food stuffs away.
· Keep hands away from hot items.
· Switch off hotplate when not in use.
· Do not over fill liquidiser
General health and safety
· Always protect scalpel blades with a cork
· Take care when lifting sewing machines
· Always work in good light
· As always ‘common sense’


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