Monday, 20 February 2012

Demise of the 92 bus route!

its typical and poignantly ironical that this week of all weeks First bus decide to curtail the 92 bus route from Exeter to Taunton. many of you will know i have based my textile for the TFSW exhibition 'Mapping the Future: Where are you now?' (opening this week at the Brewhouse)on the 92 bus route and the textile related occupations of my forebears.
i suppose in a way it is just another link in the history of this area
but it makes me sad to think that the demise of the bus, independant high street shops,
the woollen industry of the area
and all those people that have gone before will never be regained.
However on a happier note there are still some of us keeping the area 'alive' so do come along to the private view on 23rd Feb 5.30-8.00. We would love to see you.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Looking into' Sketchbook competition

for 'looking into' i chose my fireplace! As i started this at Christmas and i wanted to be able to be part of the family and do something in the evenings while watching the tv i chose something so i could do both. in the fireplace we have an old railing, a fish carved by my father and some lights.
it seems to have been an excuse for me to go abstract. my sketchbook was slightly less than A4.
i was keen to 'look into' the voids and interstices between structures such as the wall between metal shapes and light tubes
above using a smoothed gesso background
tubes of light with stitch
pages from the Radio Times for the fireplace wall
also using cut-outs to 'look into' the solid lines
exaggerating the lights
using wax resists
dusting black chalk into the cut out page
and finally emphasising the swirling light tubes with ink and stick. it has been great fun to do and to see what others have done.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Chapter 2 Stitchery to create suspended features or how to deface a photocopy

for this chapter i chose to use a combination of historical research and my own research. i have continued with 'the door' which as you can see is ever expanding layer wise and i apologise to the of you with a weak constitution as to some of the additions above!
i have also used an area of wall near the door.
for the above 3 pieces i used removable grounds to achieve lace like structures. i chose to use some left over photocopies of engravings of men wearing gros point lace cravats. for the top left one i used the whole image and made graffiti lace within it. i stitched the areas using a layer of tissue on top and then removed pieces by wetting areas with a paint brush and water. in some places i removed both layers and in others i left the tissue intact. the top right sample was worked in a similar way but instead of water a layer of tissue was torn off the back. the 3rd piece was worked on tissue and water soluble fabric. once stitched i took the surrounding areas off with a wet paintbrush. the water soluble fabric behind the tissue letters was also removed but leaving the tissue intact. it gives the whole a wonderful crispy quality.
the above 2 pieces were both achieved with water soluble materials. the top a clear film which i have left intact in a few voids but after wetting it crinkles and goes slightly opaque. the small piece is worked with tissue and free machining on water soluble fabric.
the above image is worked with images drawn on tracing paper which were cut out and sandwiched with bondaweb (on one side) between two layers of fine bonded nylon. i then used a fine soldering iron to cut out areas and partially cut so they are still all suspended from the outer piece.
the 2 'E's' above i worked as a traditional piece of needlepoint by couching the green outer thread onto a base and then linked them with a fine transparent nylon thread then removed them from the backing. i was very pleased that they stayed as they should! instead of using hot glue gun i used cut up pieces of plastic pipe and melted them with an iron to link the 'E's' together.
for the stitching and threading part i used some left over photocopies of gros point lace and some black waxed paper. strips were cut up and stitched together with straight stitch into 5 pieces, i then stitched the whole together with a series of 'E' shapes. it can also go the other way up
i also wanted to try joining words together, hence the Lutrador 'join' and also joining the left over bits of tracing paper from another piece stitched together with the same shape.