Monday, 10 July 2017

Sampling for new work

i realised that the last post was some time ago. i have been busy, mainly witha new kitchen and the upheaval that that has involved however i am just about resurfacing and continuing with something that i have started with Stitch Textile Artists at our Ammerdown meetings.
the work has sprung from my visit last year back to North Norfolk and Cley in particular. i was stunned by the windfarm which wasn't there last time i was!
i have been looking at photographic negatives and the need for people to take many shots of the same thing. the work is on undyed Ramie cloth with ko-i-nor pigment paints and graphite with removed threads.the squares are the size of 120 film just a bit bigger than 5.5cm square.

 somke stitch has been played with using transparent nylon sewing machine thread
i still need to refine my technique and also reading something about the koh-i-nor paints has got me thinking about long term stability. i have some samples up at the window which i will check on 17th (one month)to see their fading capacity. i have decided i don't mind them fading as like the photographic images they change with time and become more mellow.
other samples are based on the wind turbines themselves and the tracks the seals make between them to feed. further details will follow hopefully sooner than the last blog.