Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stitch Textile Artists

i have recently joined the Stitch textile Artists masterclass with Sian Martin. we met at Ammerdown and had a wonderfully relaxed but hard working weekend. the day we arrived was absolutely glorious so we went in search of interesting items from their grounds. mainly organic as the grounds are so well kept there wasn't much interesting debris!
However armed with our items we were firstly given the task of drawing them each in 30 seconds. i chose to draw onto some ramie i had with me. progressing on we used chance to determine how we should now proceed with them. i cut mine out and attached them onto linen and then using chance linked them to form a path or border. my items included garden twine, a piece of slate,a twig, a piece of wood and a label.
a quick sketch of garden twine
god knows whats happening to blogger as my images are all over the place and i can't seem to add just text. anyway after the image below should come this one! i made stencils by drawing around my images and then used gesso to stencil them onto linen using the same stitching as on the last image to link. it took ages to pull out the threads for my connecting line which i then coloured with dye.
detail of stencilled images.
 the reason this seems to be all over the place is we have a new computer without my beloved photoshop elements so i am using my husbands laptop and his Corel paintshop which i don't like. anyway hope this shows what i have been up to and it might also explain why i am a bit reluctant to post recently!
   here is the finished piece with various drawn items attached to the linen.