Monday, 24 October 2016

A time of reflection

it has been a busy few weeks. visiting the 'Knitting and stitching show' at Ally Pally and then a trip to Norfolk.
the highlight of the K&S show was Debbie Lyddon's 'Sluice Creake cloths' inspired by Wells on the North Norfolk coast an area i know well.
the trip to Norfolk was a complete co-incidence; a courier trip with three Fijian items to the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich and collecting my work from the exhibition at the Hostry in Norwich Cathedral brought everything back in a circle.
i arrived on the UEA campus on 12th October to be greeted by coaches full of band members for a gig at the Students Union. anyone who follows this blog will know that the piece i showed at Norwich was based on these guys
who i saw at the UEA in October 1977. if i had the rest of the ticket stub i could tell the exact date, perhaps it was the 12th who knows, probably Google!

 after a day at the Sainsbury Centre installing objects i met up with friends 
Henry Moore and reflections
beautiful stonework in the cloisters
it was great to meet Jan Miller again (my tutor at TSG Summer School year before last)who had helped organise the exhibition at the Cathedral and after collecting my work we went to the coast for a day which brought back more memories, Blakeney, Cley and Wells

View from the Blakeney Hotel where we had a wonderful lunch, it hadn't changed in 15 years!
the only thing that had changed which of course you can't see in the above photo are the wind turbines way out at sea. personally i think they are quite beautiful.
how many people have photographed this i wonder?

and these?
there is more work in progress, going back to proper embroidery!