Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chapter 4 Design pattern from an ethnic source

still with the Aleutian Islands, i took for my design source 3 similar pieces.

a mask representing the sun collected by Francoise Pinart in 1871, not Aleut but collected from Kodiak Island and there are quite a few similarities. 
the top of an Aleutian gut skin cap, National Museum of Finland
and another, national Museum of Finland
 i used to HATE circles and everything had to be linear or square (that must say something about me!) but i have gradually warmed to this shape. with these pieces i have used the shapes within the circles themselves to develop designs. firstly doing some general drawings.
drawing from the mask using Markal and chalk and fingers!

using graphite and the point of the stick playing with segments.
i then cut some stencils based on the cap segments, these worked with graphite, markal and chalk.
i then used black spray paint and 'deconstructed' the circles using the cut out segments to make further patterns.

pattern on the left using the pieces to create a random spiral, i also rearranged the pieces back into vaguely circular shapes and more conventional patterning.
i then went on to stitch, piece on left i think is like a thick tracing paper. i am smitten with rusting paper at the moment so have used this quite a bit. piece on the right is graphite stencilled shapes and cut shapes made translucent with 'water effects' resin. all stitching with horsehair.
some more bits similar. shoebox tissue, graphite and some stitch with peacock feathers.

and finally more random patterning! on a paper bag.

 i wasn't looking forward to this chapter but i have enjoyed getting to the final outcome.