Saturday, 22 June 2013

Oh the windmills of my mind

i have started making windmills working out that it is probably best to make several in a strip before separating them. before starting this i saved the recording to use at a later date. i can get 10 in a strip and so far i have made 4 so only 2 more to go but i did decide to do this for myself didn't i?

attaching the tape to the Lutrador is quite therapeutic i tell myself.

i have used different words to secure all the layers together. this one says 'silent words'
i have chosen various colours of tissue paper to attach the strips to keeping them quite bright and seasidy.

so onward, need to have something to show at Summer School......


Sunday, 9 June 2013

my day was made yesterday

Day trip to London and look what we saw!

el anatsui's sculpture hanging on the front of the Royal Academy. I'm studying him at the moment as i will include him in my study of the three embroiderers i have to do for this module. although he is technically a sculptor his work is amazing and directly relates to the idea of re-using items which i often do in my own work.
it was bright sunshine so quite difficult to photograph but a joy to see. that as well as Cornelia Parker and Souzou at the Wellcome Collection.
It went downhill when we went to the Natural History Museum. are we missing something; like the collections? soooooo hugely disappointing. Best bit is the building itself.