Monday, 6 November 2017

Yet more new work

South West Textiles Group have an exhibition next year in Stroud called 'Ebb and Flow' so i am working towards this now. For the first time ever i have continued with my inspiration from the Textile Study Group summer school i went on with Jean Draper this year.
we were asked to choose a collection of items with strong contrasting lines. i chose a stone from a beach.

i have always wanted to work with these stones! we undertook various drawings of them and a charcoal one.
then jean gave us a sheet of black paper and told us to randomly cut across emphasising the shapes in our drawings. 

then by shifting them slightly they were stuck onto white paper and we were asked to think how you would replicate these in textile.
the samples at the top were my starting point, black organdie with a rigid wire support.
i have adapted them slightly in technique and size but just need to get on and make them!
plan is to support them all with fine pins so the shadows play a major part and you can view from above.
while working on this i was thinking about pebbles, stones, beaches and of course Virginia Woolf who used stones as an aid in her suicide! all cheery stuff but it got me thinking of 'To the Lighthouse' and the phrase i hope to use in this work (oh i love random connections).
'there it loomed up, stark and straight, glaring white and black, and one could see the waves breaking in white splinters like smashed glass upon the rocks' Perfect.