Sunday, 7 August 2016

Textile Study Group Summer School 2016

Can it really be a week already since i came home from York where this years Summer School was held?
this year the tutors were Bobby Britnell, Sheila Mortlock and Alison King. i chose Bobby's workshop 'Drawing the Line' as i wanted to spend some time getting back to 'drawing' and mark making which i seem to do infrequently at home.
Bobby's quote for the week was 'Drawing is putting 'a line' around an idea' Henry Matisse. i chose the right course for me as she certainly got us thinking about lines and ideas.

she plunged us straight in with black pens and paper and a small square template to work within. starting with the basics of a straight line drawn freehand.
gradually getting more complex as the afternoon progressed. we moved on to using graphite and gesso.
making squares of textured gesso to work on when dry. we then went on to explore the use of different papers and textile and gradually introducing one colour. i am becoming a bit predictable as i chose green but varying shades.
i used abaca, cotton organdie, tissue paper, varnished paper and photocopies. as usual i got some text in there with the use of bonda web. Bobby tried to then get use working big or bigger which proved difficult for me.
so here is a larger one on ramie which i love for the flat smooth surface it has.
our workroom was the largest which was great because it was quite a hot week and although it doesn't look it from the above image we were a positive hive of industry. since coming home i have continued with this theme which i hope to use in an exhibitable piece.
James College was our accommodation this year, absolutely beautiful is surrounded by a lake with geese, ducks, coots, moorhens etc wandering around.
lines can be seen everywhere especially where the sun shines. a thoroughly good week. 
i feel that the next course i do should be something completely different to stretch me and take me away from my comfort zone: ceramics or metals?