Friday, 31 January 2014

New Work

i have been working on something to show at the NEC in Birmingham in March as part of the South West Textile Group. the brief was to use a 30cm square canvas and have a Romano, Celtic, medieval theme using a certain palette of colours.
i have been thinking of 'voids' for a while now. spaces left by things that are no longer there so for this piece i have been looking at Roman wax writing tablets and the marks left behind on the wood.
wax would be melted into the middle section and then words scraped into the hard wax with a metal stylus.
as usual i got carried away with various drawings.

got a bit carried away with the colours on this one.

 i then made a sample of undyed merino wool felt with oxidised copper strips stamped with letters. i also made a mould of a stack of strips which i have filled with paper pulp and painted with charcoal. the plan is to have lots of dangly metal strips, paper pulp and newsprint pieces simulating scratched voids.
i have started the main piece so will post more later

Friday, 10 January 2014

I have it!

i have my Diploma certificate yippee. Thanks Siân for being such a great teacher and to everyone else on the course who has ever given me encouragement, comments and companionship at summer schools. please continue to pop in and see how i do..... so watch this space.