Monday, 27 May 2013

Addendum to last post

having posted my ideas i went away and had more thoughts!

windmill behind linen thread net
 i was wondering whether this net was too coarse looking and although i would dye/paint it to be more in keeping i still wanted to investigate a more transparent net.
i decided to try machine stitching a grid with clear nylon thread using newspaper as a support which i would then wash out after.

finished net sample
 i am really pleased with this but realise it is not hugely original and quite delicate so wonder how it might stand up to a windy beach? 

sample details together
 is it also too similar a technique to the windmill? Ideas anyone?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Return to PAPy bread

short recap on my proposal and where i am going with it.

Budleigh beach in East Devon
 Plan is to make a site specific piece for this beach based on graffiti but silent. see previous post here

i have finally chosen my graffiti sound, a sound totally out of place to a hopefully cold and quiet beach. i intend to record the sound of my son on the computer and his inane banter he has with his friends on Skype. with a c 60 tape; 1 hour to those of you who don't remember cassette tapes. i have worked out i should be able to make 60 windmills! Oh i love repetition.

various nets
i have been investigating how or what to attach the windmills to. originally i was thinking of having them en mass sticking up from the beach and i know Siân had mentioned to me Anthony Gormley's beach bodies is a 'whole' piece and not physically linked but as this really is a 'single' piece i have been thinking of ways to connect them.

i like simple so after going off at a tangent with windmills in boats which i decided was not in keeping with the idea behind my initial thoughts i have been investigating fishing nets. the idea to attach the windmills to a net so they can spin. i have tried various samples using paper thread, fishing line and finally cotton Perle.

i have taught myself to make fishing net thanks to the power of you tube! i made my own shuttle and done various experiments. fishing line did my eyes in though i love the idea of the transparency of it.

making new rows of loops with a spacer
experimenting with resin
Perle is quite floppy and i was thinking i would need something more rigid so i have played with soaking the finished piece in resin which has the desired effect.

However i have had an epiphany and think that because the use of the Internet and Skype is essentially an 'enclosed' activity i want to collect all the windmills into an enclosed net, so bits of 'noise graffiti' will leak out.

and this is for you Siân!

i came across this here some time ago when i was putting my proposal together. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Bonded layers (Chapters 9 and 10)

Chapter 9
it's taken me a long time to do this chapter, can't say its been my favourite, till i got to the 'Resolved' pieces!! any way here goes.

the idea was to make lace like structures by applying 'bits' of things to an adhesive layer, i used a 'Bonda web' which i had got from Whaleys. my first piece i sandwiched between adhesive ( sample 3 ) but then i decided it worked just as well on a single layer. 

Note Siân the scale!

these are left over scraps of japanese paper i had inkjet printed on 
this sample i painted the adhesive layer and used old 'used' bits of sellotape i had taken off the back of some old photos it had that lovely old yellowness and had lost its stick
offcuts of thread

 the next thing was to cut out shapes of these 'lace' bits and attach them to back grounds. the piece above was a remnant from last years summer school with thread 'lace' and a sample of black silk fibres i had formed into rings and applied to the adhesive. can't say i like this one

for this piece i coloured the adhesive with liquid graphite and stuck black plastic pieces i had removed from a piece in Chapter 8. it was then attached to a sample from an earlier chapter

Chapter 10

Nylon layer with bonded silver leaf, rusted plastic and garden fleece.
the above sample uses stitched elements and then heat to melt through the various layers and thus bonding them together. 

Resolved Sample 1

using letters to create individual elements
i wanted to get back to some colour! some time ago i bought a pack of light sensitive fabric which i had never used. so i used an old piece of type to cut a stencil and placed it on the fabric in bright sunlight(!) in a couple of areas, top left and far right dark green 'K's. you then wash the fabric and this leaves the 'set' image visible. i then placed a dark blue nylon layer on top and cut out 2 'K's from my 'lace' pieces and attached them to the piece (top right and bottom right). i then stitched lines across the background and then took a heat tool to it to reveal the green underneath. finally i cut a metal  'K' and held it in place with more of the blue nylon and an adhesive layer and emphasised the silver with stitch around the other 'K'.

Resolved Sample 2
i was thinking about bonding more than just a few layers and wondered whether i could create real bulk. i was looking back on my sketchbook and thought of using this as inspiration, instead of going downwards i wanted to go up!

image on the right

image created by bonding 36 layers (approx) of cotton organdie

it measures about 5mm deep

my first layer was paper, the black line seen half way through, i then built up layers, it was very labour intensive but i am really pleased with the outcome. half way through i had had enough but didn't think it was thick enough so i came back to it and worked from the other side. i drilled the holes and attached it 'a la Gulliver' to a single layer of organdie. the bonda web on the background i coloured by spraying with spray paint. i think i would like to investigate this further when i have the time and patience!