Saturday, 10 September 2016


i am lucky to have have had my piece 'Blockheads' accepted for the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums exhibition in Norwich.
i have just got the poster and there i am! wow! i don't know if there are different versions of the poster but this is wonderful.
the piece inspired by printing blocks also stemmed from my life in Norfolk and quirky word associations.
i saw Ian Dury and the Blockheads in 1977 at the UEA as part of the 'Stiffs Live' Tour; almost 40 years ago. ironically the day the exhibition opens they are playing at RAMM (the Royal Albert Memorial Museum) in Exeter where i work. unfortunately not with Ian Dury but i am sure it will be entertaining.
some things i keep and this part ticket stub i have now put to good use along with other pieces of ephemera from my days in Norwich.
the piece is actually composed of two pieces 'woven' together from strips. i used a fine wire and a twining technique to replicate the leno weave of a Norwich shawl.
wire gave me the ability to mould the finished weave reminiscent of the market awnings in Norwich, if anyone is familiar with them and the metal strips used to make the printing blocks in the first place. 
the fuzziness is flock which was attached to some printing blocks to take up the ink more readily.
and here the finished piece. each about 20cm x 30cm. can't wait to see the exhibition now.