Saturday, 27 July 2013


I have been playing with my windmills deciding on the best way to install them. Still thinking but this is playtime.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Plodding on

continuing to make the rest of my windmills. all 64 have been made, they just need to finish the actual construction now!

it takes time cutting them out, not to mention the stitching together in the first place and then removing the excess tissue from the back but i am pleased with what i have achieved so far.

i have found a way to stiffen them without adding wire to the outside. once they have been constructed i paint the tissue side with a liquid resin, it makes the colours more intense and stiffens them at the same time. will show that later. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer School with Louise Baldwin

we have had a great Summer School at Farncombe Estate. the memories that remain are heat,hills,hard work,laughter and sleepless nights but it was great to meet old friends and new. Louise Baldwin was a great tutor, very inspiring and generous with her knowledge.

we were basically playing with paper, stitch and fabric. our initial task was to make some 'coloured papers'.

using acrylic paint and scraping circles

more scraping, sticking of spots and mark making

as above

we were then given 5 tasks to make a series of small pieces joining firstly 2 pieces together, then 3,4,5 and 6 using the above coloured papers and any 'found' pieces we had brought with us.
2, 3, and 4 joins i knew there would be a use for those Rizzler roll up papers i picked up from the street

5 pieces joined

6 pieces joined and cut through

then we had to make a collage using again the paper we had coloured, found papers and any image we liked. i continued with the cloud shape i have used in my lace chapters.
collage using pieces of potato printing from designs for my certificate

we then had to turn it over and cut it up without considering the front! Difficult! then we added stitch etc to some of the pieces.
left piece has the addition of some tufted organza

finally we were allowed to 'play' with a more considered approach. i have recently been thinking beyond the Diploma (if there is life after!) and sketching from reflections in windows/mirrors i based my 3 pieces on these images.
images of my bedroom window with mirror in front

i have wanted to use that piece of sellotape for ages, this piece working with cotton organdie

using lettering and pieces of paper stuck onto card, painted to give 3D effects and more organdie

adding a piece of metal and spray paint

i felt exhausted when i got home and only beginning to surface into normality, i actually managed to work on my windmills today and have a tidy up. i will certainly use what i have learnt with Louise in the future.