Monday, 17 November 2014

New work, a start

it has taken a time but one weekend retreat and some new found enthusiasm has motivated me. 'STA' are having an exhibition at Ilminster Arts Centre next year. Theme is 'On the Edge' so i have been looking at people and in particular people on the edge of society.
sometime ago i bought a box of men's white collars, beautiful things in their own right but all together they create an interesting mass.
Box of 'Summit' collars
heavily starched they don't feel like textile, more like cardboard and the idea of wearing them - no thanks!
 i am using them as my metaphor for society and white collar workers however i found them too rigid and straight so decided to deconstruct them. this was easier psychologically than i thought it would be, the fun creative side winning over the accredited conservator. it was actually highly therapeutic.
this is still very much work in progress. as before i am using text and building up individual words but you can see how exciting the collar has become now it is deconstructed, like deconstructing society to find those on the edge.