Friday, 18 April 2014

New Work

it seems a long time ago that i last posted but i have been busy with lots to think about. i have to admit that i cannot multi-task which i am meant to be able to do as a woman but i cannot. i can however think of more than one thing so i am mentally thinking of other works whilst getting on with the current one. SWTG have an exhibition at Ilminster this year with the title 'Pathways'. i have been working on a theme of learning and sampling; how people used to learn from an early age to write, count and later to embroider and make things.

so i have been working on a range of small randomish samples to be joined together which will eventually turn into the spine of a book.....? using some traditional techniques and stenciling etc. so the ones above from right show how we learn to write by joining the dots, then looping through holes, ways of forming letters and counting. these are about 11cm wide.

the above three still in the working stage show the ideas of embroidery; the one on the left a representation of 'daisy' stitch