Friday, 25 May 2012


For Chapter 7 i made a series of experimental pockets using transparent layers. the first one seen above and below i cheated with because i got the idea from a lovely 1800's dress which had this type of puff all over the sleeves and hem so i tried copying it with organdie on calico and inserting a piece left over from a previous project. 
above you can see the back of the pocket puff is open.
the next two i made above used various found items. top one completely enclosing the lolly sticks and the lower one using strip pockets with the contents sticking out.


the above pockets enclose metal frame pieces from some found glasses. i used Lutrador and wood burning tool and then stitched through with fishing line.


next one used a piece of transparent 'Corex' stitched onto clear plastic with plastic ties inserted through the channels.


 i found this lens from a pair of sunglasses and wanted to use it as an enclosed pocket with a drawing of an eye on tracing paper behind it. then at work for some odd reason we were talking about Kitty fisher's eye which is a glass bead associated with lace makers and to those of you who know about pockets: Lucy Locket lost her pocket and Kitty Fisher found it!

again above using a piece of found wire i enclosed it in a piece of plastic bag.


above more found plastic and paper.


i have been looking at a lot of typefaces recently and the above pocket is a play on the phrase 'out of pocket' where i cut the letters out from organdie and put the pieces inside the pocket.


using the pockets in bubble wrap to contain letters

i am finding this new blogger difficult to say the least so details for my last 3 pockets will be here at the end! so the 3 white pockets in the picture above the one above! are some folded tracing paper pockets and a small book of pockets made from organza. the final group of pockets made from my favourite garden fleece use letters from a take away coffee cup slotted into stitched pockets. now to see if my devore paste has dried yet!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Chronicle Project

5 May 2012 the chronicle of a day
concertina open,view from the back

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

And my Liebster Award winners are......

at last i have chosen 5 of my favourite blogs to give The Liebster Award to, and they are.... as she opens the golden envelope:

Pat at 'Altering Thoughts' 
Chris at 'Chrissy Threads'
Karin at 'i of the needle'
 Anna at 'Booklike'
Joanne at 'Whalers'

Friday, 4 May 2012

Chapter 6 - playing with silk fibres

this chapter called for suspending bits in silk 'paper'. i have used a silk tussah fibre for the backgrounds and laid in various dyed silk fibres, organza and paper. 
above piece with added newsprint
with the above i made a sheet of blue silk paper with added bamboo fibres then cut out some cloud shapes and placed them in another sheet.
the above piece i made a sheet with black and natural fibres then cut out a repeat of oblongs and then used the original piece within another giving areas that were thinner and more transparent.

i then used the cut out pieces within a totally black piece

then i made a couple of sheets and pressed them into objects to make them 3D, top a plastic spoon and the lower one part of an old keyboard. not really getting to grips with this new fangled 'blogger' things a bit out of sink! so last one i worked some darning stitches onto the black garden fleece and then suspended within another piece. decided all a bit messy but not as much as devore paste!! but more of that later.
i will post my 5 award winners soon!