Friday, 10 April 2015

Working towards 'On the Edge' exhibition

my posts seem to be monthly now although i would prefer it if they were more regular. i have had Easter week at home to myself so i have got down to some serious work that theoretically needs to be finished by next weekend when i meet up with the rest of the group.
the exhibition in July at Ilminster Arts Centre will come in two parts. the main exhibition 'On the edge' and the cafe area where we are showing framed items that we have all made from paper. before i joined the group they had had a weekend of paper making so my work is based loosely on paper that i have made and/ or recycled.
the chocolates were made of paper pulp and moulded in a chocolate box packaging. the frilly chocolate holders are newspaper and machine stitch.
for Christmas i was given a book called 'Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs'by Paul Koudounaris. it is an amazing book with wonderful images of saints bones wrapped and clothed in magnificent attire and jewels. i have been inspired by the book for these pieces.
 the second piece is still on the chocolate theme. for lent i gave up chocolate and collected all my bus tickets for the endurance. each day i folded up the ticket and put it in my bag. they have been given a make-over with black spray paint, silver leaf and labels. i realised when i was typing out the word chocolate that the more i typed it it looked wrong! something trying to tell me how bad chocolate is?
just waiting for frames now