Saturday, 9 July 2011

There is life after Summer School!! Chapter 5 and 6

for those of you who didn't come to summer school and therefore didn't see my cut out 'slips' from the fabrics made in the previous post, here they are! I attached them in various ways to a piece of painted and stencilled organdie (i love the stuff!). i decided to attach them in a long 'sampler' like strip which is proving difficult to store!
anyway in detail #1 i have used flower making stamens from a cook shop to finish off the edge and it has been attached with lines of hand stitching across the slip itself. #2 edges neatened with fluffy iridescent thread over sewing and it is attached through a couple of layers of felt so it hovers off the surface, #3 edges shaped and finished by punching out circles. it is attached with sequins and some of the circles cut out and used as 'sequins', #4 edges finished with random uneven over sewing trapping black tissue in place, it is attached with a row of vertical machine stitch echoing its construction and extra hand stitched lines added.
#5 attached with a contracting piece of organdie and bonda web, #6 finished by trapping between two layers of nylon net randomly stitched and then the excess cut away, it is attached with hand stitch echoing the original zig zags, #7 attached and finished as one with two layers one felt and one organdie with Letraset type letters added and all sandwiched to the background with bondaweb.
#8 finished by sandwiching between plastic, stitched and then cut back and edges melted slightly, it is attached top and bottom with tied orange colour thread. #9 finished with random 'messy' over sewing and attached with lines of fishing line hand stitch.
Chapter 6 was on 3D slips. by this time my tulips were dying and i wanted to achieve a shrivelled 'dead' look so i firstly worked with wire, laying it down onto card like a traditional stumpwork 'slip' still using the same shape of slip as before. the 2 on the left above are stitched with various zig-zag lines encapsulating off cuts of organdie. the one top right uses a thicker wire with a complete layer of organdie and various layers of tissue.
then i thought of shrink plastic which i have used before and thought could produce some interesting shapes. the one above with the lime green thread was punched with holes before shrinking and threaded after, the other 4 have been stitched with straight machine stitch and then zapped which leaves the stitching with a pile like feel, 2 have been coloured with felt tip pens prior to stitching. the shape was enlarged before shrinking.
in my tutorial at summer school Sian suggested trying to form the plastic over a mould so i tried!!!! i cut my slip shape from some ply wood.#1 was my first attempt where i placed the mould under the plastic, which although much larger originally shrunk smaller than the mould and i had to shape it around the mould when still warm. #2 i then thought what if i actually stitch the mould onto the plastic and then shrink, this time i put the mould on top of the plastic and i was really pleased with the result, however i can't get the mould out!!!! but then that adds something to the piece. #3 then i thought i would stitch before shrinking in the same way as #2 but it went horribly wrong!!! but it has potential for something else in the future?!
above showing the mould trapped in the plastic!
so finally i think my tulips have definitely earned there moneys worth! they are beautifully crispy and some are green from spray paint.
above i have mounted 3 of the 3D slips to a photograph of the dead tulips
i am hoping to call a halt to this chapter and move on now! i have achieved what i wanted to with these. do i keep the dead tulips?!!!

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  1. It was lovely to see you at Urchfont Anne. Your slips look gorgeous mounted. I love your trapped mould. Perhaps you could trap the tulips in the same way and preserve them for posterity!