Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Maps

on friday when i was meant to be tackling chapter 2, making lace, i was finalising the way my piece for the Brewhouse would hang. the only great height we have at home is the stairwell so in true Heath Robinson style i have walked up and down the stairs many times and attached a pole to the bannisters! the piece is one long strip looped up so there are essentially 3 lengths hanging side by side.
detail above showing bus stop photograph
playing around with the pieces that will sit on the floor
such wonderful sounding occupations but in reality..........?!


  1. This is so interesting, I love the idea of the bus tickets. I agree that the reality of the occupations might not have been so wonderful. You obviously have textiles in your genes!

  2. I agree the occupation names sound very evocative, it's a great concept, looking forward to seeing more.

  3. This is such a lovely way to commemorate ancestors.My family research has shown lots of miners!