Friday, 22 June 2012

Chapter 8 Wrapped frames and paper pulp

this chapter required a series of wrapped frames which would then be dipped in paper pulp and then stitched.i decided to go off at a tangent and make shaped frames from wire, then wrapped inside with wire, old lace, large buttonhole stitch and letters of course.
for the 'E' i crocheted some fine nylon thread randomly and trapped some gun caps
i tend to shy away from the general square shapes and decided to make some small random shapes but join them together. here we have wire with trapped plastic, stitch, knitted strip with trapped plastic letters, bound torn strip and scrim.
so here is my lobster after adding paper pulp and stitch.
'L' with added buttonhole stitch and spiders web, 'O' looping and linking threads with added paint on the paper and between the lace threads, 'B' i wanted to keep quite plain so added thread and paint on paper.
'S' more random buttonhole stitch, 'T' i left, 'E' added stitch to the gun caps after sprayed black, 'R' i updated the insertions found on Gros point lace.
Finally with this one i just added some more pieces of sweet wrapper stitched in place like a repair. Good old Haribo!