Saturday, 8 August 2015

ilminster 'On the Edge' exhibition

if you are in ilmister you probably have about an hour or so to see the exhibition before it is taken down.
meet the artists 1st August
 however here are a few shots of my work in situ for any interested parties. quality of images not brilliant but i am still working out the new camera.
'Heavenly Bodies' and '40 days'
see previous blog entries for more details.
'last of the broadsheets'
the last of the broadsheets were my little books made from newspaper and thread.
and finally my collars based on the people on the edge of society. unfortunately i noticed too late that the gallery had put the labels on the perspex visible! but hey ho we live and learn.

it has been a very hectic time recently but yesterday i took time out to visit Sidmouth for the last day of the folk week. so i will leave you with the thought of relaxation.
only in England


  1. Knew it was Sidmouth, went there when my parents were alive and the music was inspiring from the hammer dulcima's. They would have been very impressed with the variety of work at Ilminster..well done to all concerned

  2. Great to see those collars, sorry to hear you won't make it to Scotland have a piece of good news...three pieces accepted!!!!