Monday, 26 October 2015

Harris Tweed that will do nicely!

i have had a break from being creative and have made myself a coat. somebody has discovered that tweed is very comfortable!
Green Trotsky
 however on the back burner i have started something based on travellers and their need to carry things
i am still working in the past for inspiration. thinking of nineteenth century travellers wearing straw bonnets. i have recently conserved a straw bonnet and found the twisted straw i have used above in an antiques fair. 
i am using fishing line to crochet with enclosing the straw a bit like a coiled vessel.
it's quite small but is still growing and it is a pleasure after the enormous giant now at Taunton.
i am stewarding there next Friday so will take some images in situ,


  1. Looking forward to more images! You have been productive. Seems to be in reflective mode here.....

  2. What is it about cats.....they are so nosey.Your vessel is looking good how have you been able to tame the fishing line?