Monday, 25 January 2016

Hello I am here and ought to visit more often

Been a bit slow this year. the head is still fuzzy from Christmas cold and cough but am beginning to emerge although not enamoured with inspiration or lack of. anyway i am proceeding with my vessels for a future exhibition 'Travellers Tales'.
ideas behind the work are based on people travelling, sparked by a project at work on repacking reticules and purses. something people would need on a journey would be money containers/bags/purses etc. i have expanded on this thinking of carriages and buses, people in the past probably had similar conversations to those nowadays.
'is there anything on the tele?'
 i am still not sure about these so it may all change but thinking about it so watch this space.
i have used crochet and knitting with some machine stitch grids, cross stitch and i have been plaiting my bus tickets as one does! the largest is about 10cm high
bus tickets advertising 'subway'
 to make matters even more intricate, after 30 years i have taken up lace making again! it is coming back but i have set myself a large task even though it is small.
 the makings of a shell


  1. Your elements look beautiful Anne, so sensitive

  2. Good to see your 'tales' or tails and trails! My bobbin cushion came out before Christmas, I love the rhythm of lace making and how absorbing it is...I ended up taking prints from them onto clay paper.

  3. Think that's why I developed an interest in weaving, I had a dryad loom in my 20s but it was only after lacemaking in the 1990's that I started to get interested in tapestry weaving.