Wednesday, 3 October 2018

I have been doing something

at last i am near the end of the piece based on film canisters and the photos people take.

a series of 5 'films' based on some photographs i took some years ago (at least 20) on the North Norfolk Coast at Cley; a weekend with friends. i revisited Cley the year before last and was stunned to see a wind farm just off the coast called 'The Sheringham Field'. my parents lived in Sheringham and in fact i grew up for a great chunk of my youth in Norfolk so i find this whole area of great interest. i found this farm beautiful from a distance but unnerving and scary at the same time.

i have looked at how people take numerous images of the same person, item or view. the strips consist of 12 images similar to the 120 film my son uses and often hangs in my bathroom when he has developed them. each frame 6cm x 6cm.

i have used ramie with koh-i-nor pigments and graphite,removing the weft threads in certain areas.

the last two strips concentrate on the wind farm and the images produced from a study of seal visits between each pole. for those of you who know North Norfolk you will be aware of the seals on the sand banks off the Blakeney point.

hopefully this will be shown in a group exhibition with 'Stitch Textile Artists' at ilminster Arts Centre in April 2019!

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