Monday, 22 June 2009

Today is Chapter 7

stitched sample based on arrows with 3d shapes of pelmet vilene trapped under the lower layer. cotton organdie and silk organza are randomly stitched to secure them in place.
halos and circles of paint. trapped pieces of paper and textile between cotton and plastic window from chocolate box. holes made with joss stick.
detail of above
barcodes. strips of cotton, newsprint, paper coloured with chalk pastels stitched with rayon thread and fishing line.
lettering with various strips of fabric anchored by tacking and machine stitched letters.

arrows worked through handmade paper, cellophane and silk organza.
brush stroke, again using handmade paper and threads couched in lines.

i have chosen to use mainly natural fabrics and fibre reactive cold dyes. A few years ago i was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Carole Waller at University College Falmouth. it was a great pleasure to have the use of their excellent facilities, unlike the kitchen table! Carole is very inspiring and i like her way of directly painting the dye onto fabric. So although some of my fabrics i have dyed the 'conventional' way most are painted.

i have based my stitched samples on arrows, halos, which appear quite often on graffiti, barcodes, tongue and groove wood panelling and brush strokes. i have used cotton, silk, handmade paper from recycled Xmas cards, cellophane wrappings paper and newsprint. Mainly handstitched but with some machine stitching.
I haven't put any measurements with these but most are A5 ish (i have a tendency to work small)!

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