Monday, 1 March 2010

Decorative details from shi sha, chapter 6

it seems a long time since i posted any work but i am now back on track, i hope; the sun is /was shining, it is now 8 in the evening and dark but spring is round the corner. i have had enough of this wish to hibernate. i started by looking closely at areas of my shi sha textiles and made various items for rubbing and printing from. lino cuts, large scale shi sha from chocolate coin foils,large scale kutch and chain stitches and in keeping with my graffiti theme some more stencils.
one- basic rubbing with caran d'ache metallic wax crayons on black tissue
two- again using a mixture of items for rubbing over with Markal sticks, wax crayons and adding a bit of colour with oil pastels on tissue
three- on silk 'paper' a similar use of rubbings
four- on a Japanese ribbed paper
five- more rubbings but i wanted to explore cut outs on the paper like Jali screens, would like to do more cut outs all over.
six- same sort of thing to five but with cut outs from one of the stencils i made, on Lokta paper
seven- now to printing with the lino cuts using metallic paints and layering with rubbings
eight- more combinations of print and rub (sounds like scratch and sniff)!
working one lino print into a round to imitate a shi sha with rubbed wavy ric rac lines. like Indian textiles i wanted to explore the use of a patterned substrate. the local Indian deli gave me the newspaper which i coloured with 'brusho'
nine- using the concept of layering i tried some rubbings onto acetate with mainly oil pastels.
ten- starting to get carried away with glitter, i stencilled areas with pva and applied glitter. i keep thinking they look like wrist watches!
eleven- more glitter
oops forgot to number the above! anyway i pleated and printed onto a pre-rubbed silk paper, opened out and added more print in different colour way and applied some bits of newsprint.
again forgot to number - pleated and stencilled with metallic paint then various rubbings and then pleated in a different direction and stuck stencilled circles of tissue over the pleats. when dry i tore the pleats open and added markal silver ric-rac.
twelve- printing with collage onto a silver shiny paper which has curled up a bit on drying but it gives an interesting effect.
finally a collage of various bits and bobs.i also did some printing with glitter onto the shiny silver paper but i found it rather difficult to photograph, i will try again, but i am now ready to do some stitching for Chapter 7!


  1. Love the rubbings and can see what you mean about the wrist watch! Looking forward to see how you might take the cut outs forward, they are a brilliant idea. Jane

  2. Love your work! I live close to you, let me know if you ever have trouble sourcing something, I may just have some :-)