Sunday, 14 March 2010

Just squeezing in Shi Sha (machine)

well the sewing machine came out and after a few practices i came up with the above piece. my sewing machine is somewhat old but works beautifully when asked to do something fairly normal until you want to alter the tension! i only seem to be able to alter the top thread and then not very much but the above shi sha are all slightly different. the ground fabric is actually a pink synthetic semi transparent fabric with coloured tissue stuck on top and printed shapes and papers all sandwiched onto a blue paper.
combining hand and machine, using mica and shi sha and twisted threads to hold pieces in place. the base fabric is printed with a drawing based on one of my shi sha studies with coloured tissue stuck on the silk. the top row is fairly abstract, middle horizontal mica hand stitched and the lower vertical pieces stitched with machine stitches.

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