Friday, 16 July 2010

Finishing faces and resolved sample

For the final part of Chapter 12 i did some self portraits. Sian has seen some of these but i thought i would share with my fellow students. drawing with a candle and without looking at the page, could be disastrous but i quite liked what i came up with!
after about 6 pages of these i got a bit bored and started making faces! the page was then washed with colour and the faces worked into with paint, chalk and pen.
then various images were cut in half and mixed up, oh i have often thought i had a split personality and now i know!
looks like i have 2 mouths on the above one.
then i started playing with torn parts of the face and the next 2 (blue and red) were playing with words relating to the torn piece, such as old blue eyes, eye contact and risk phrases (R36)
'lips' with words such as botox and ruby etc.
Sian had suggested i embellished some magazine adverts but i found the following two photos, one of marilyn monroe and samuel beckett, who i thought looked great with blue hair!
i decided to make my own advert for which i must apologise profusely to Grayson Perry(who i hasten to add i love very much)and mean no disrespect to him but it was such a great image.
Chapter 13, Resolved sample
i chose for my resolved sample the previous image of 'lips'. i played around with photoshop and solarised the image.
i worked mainly in paper! and decided to lay the image on a bed of sequins, i thought the solarised colours lent themselves to the richness of the sequins which i couched down with fishing line. various letters were made from drinks cans, metal sheet and shi-sha. I used metallic threads and machine embroidery on hand made paper and tissue, transfoils were used to highlight areas and the lips(after much trial and error) were made from a lager can. The whole measures 19cm x 10cm and it took 20 hours. hoping this is ok!

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  1. Great finish to your faces project, just love the advert for a new look, really inspired.
    The lips sample is a great interpretation of the original art work, especially those great lips.