Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Lady from Del Monte she say yes!

whilst waiting for feedback from Sian i thought i would finish off a piece i had started at Urchfont. i cut it up, cut bits out and inserted new 'frills' of paper and organdie and one of my all time favourites paper 'string' which is great to make.
i then applied these to a japanese tissue and made it undulate! hoping to take it outside sometime for a photo shoot!
Meanwhile Sian has said ok to my initial thoughts for the next resolved item so watch this space and hope she doesn't mind being associated with orange juice! i am having a break over the summer to concentrate on my 'Sketchbook Project' sketchbook and hope to see Sian's (62 Group) exhibition in Glasgow. Happy Hols everyone.


  1. I love this! I love the colours and I especially love the bold contrast between the black and white background and the strips on top. Brilliant. Happy holidays to you too

  2. this does look like a fun piece -- flowing and undulating and rich in textures.

  3. Wonderful colours, and I love the fringing, enjoy the SB project :-)

  4. These work beautifully,you have been good using your Urchfont work.