Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Study in Black and White

to mark my 70th posting i thought i would keep it all in black and white NO colour!
my son is at his happiest when he is either watching incredibly horrible and gory films or painting his Warhammer figures. being a responsible mum i get the job of spraying the undercoat onto the models. we often end up with some amazing patterns on the board or newspaper where they are sprayed, hence these two pictures and my new heading.
the one below was from summer school and one i left without colour
perhaps i am subconsciously thinking about blackwork in anticipation of Module 3


  1. Hi Anne - like the new heading

  2. I like the bottom one very much and the other 2 definitely have that horror feel to them.
    I know what you mean about anticipation thinking, I keep gravitating towards anything to do with the Bayeux Tapersty.
    Can't wait to wrap up Mod 1 and start on the next one.