Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chapter 8 'To the Edge' and beyond! Sounds like Buzz Lightyear!

Chapter 8 part 1 asks you to choose a piece of textile to cut into 4 and extend the design in any way so it can eventually be made into an 'edge'. i chose, after a lovely saturday visiting the Gloucester Road charity shops in Bristol, a child's T-shirt. i love things that are slightly asymmetrical or quirky so this was ideal. the module says it can be scanned and 'made your own' which i did and as you can see in the last two pictures i have changed it completely.
#1 quite simple using chalk pastels, tissue paper and pen.
#2 using stencils based on the original shapes with paint, chalk and pen.
#3 i turned the image into black and white, playing with the contrast. using quink ink over aquawax stripes with paint and chalk over masks. i was given an electric whizzy 'dymo' for Christmas, so the added stripe is printed with that!!
#4 more adaptation to the original, the extension being worked with chalk, paint on stencils and felt tip. great fun to do! now onwards to some actual edges and possibly some stitch!


  1. quirky, fun and wonderful way to create something new from something old.