Sunday, 27 March 2011

Textile artists using Knitting

i have many articles and books on knitting, in particular Ruth Lee's 'Contemporary Knitting' is a great source of inspiration. i have used some of her techniques in my samples previously posted.
there are a lot of artists using knit at the moment and i found it difficult not to go wild! however i have chosen a few that appeal to the quirky side of me and to their techniques some of which i experimented with in my chapter on knitting. i first came across Susie Freeman i think just after she had graduated when a friend asked me to make her wedding dress using some of Susie's fabric. it was great to be presented with a huge roll of this knitted construction and then realise i had to cut it to go into a 'v' at the centre front waistline!!! anyway it turned out beautifully. i also attended a couple of Knit days at the V&A organised by John Allen, this is where i discovered Nora Fok and Jan Truman. Nora has a touring exhibition on at the moment so do check it out, they are beautiful creations.
Rhian Solomon, Adrienne Sloane
Marie-Rose Lortet i encountered in a book on 'Outsider Art' i believe she is self taught, there is nothing traditional about her work which is why it is so fresh.
thought i had better include some 'outdoor' work in keeping with my graffiti theme.Suzumi noda, Super Blue, Fay McCaul uses fibre optics to knit with.

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