Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chapter 10 Option B 'folded cut lace'

this option develops the use of stencils to create designs. Using paper folded and cut with shapes various 'doily' designs were created. the shapes i used were letters, arrows and random torn shapes. 'faces' above was based on the wonderful letters i used in the 'edge' chapter. i concertina'd the paper randomly to get a repeat that was not uniform. much to my surprise i created a row of faces which looked quite graffiti like. for this one i used 2 stencils, the background of folded and torn holes. i used spray paint, chalk pastels, markal paint sticks, acrylic paint and a new find 'uni posca' pens which give a brilliant colour. the pink and green lines above. i transferred the cut designs from thin paper to card which was easier to work with.
'letters' above uses 2 stencils and only parts of them. again using the same materials.
'y's' similar to 'letters'
'm' using both positive and negative stencils.
'flower' using 3 stencils randomly placed.
'arrows' not so pleased with this one but it has a certain 1950's look. i used biro to give a more lacy appearance to the arrows.
'grin' was based on an actual doily folded and cut randomly. it was quite difficult to use this as it was very flimsy to stencil over.
i also worked various strips using the stencils, cut pieces from the stencils and the stencils themselves to create stripes. top stripe uses an actual stencil with pieces cut from the doily. next one down another stencil made from 'The Radio Times' and cut outs looped through it. the lower one using just stencils.
this last one shows top created with positive and negative stencils with cutout bits of photos. next one down uses various sizes of arrow both positive and negative and cut outs. i still have a section designing on the computer but that will follow.

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