Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chapter 9 Section C more playing with paper

wow! this is going to be a long one!
Section C Exercise 1 was the formation of graded 3D shapes, working with simple shapes all of the same size, manipulating and connecting them in some way. #1 i used thick water colour paper with rectangular shapes and gradually curled an edge, connecting them with staples
#2 and 3 i used the same rectangular shape but curled and de-laminated the paper more with each step this was connected with string tied between each step with loops.

#4 i used tracing paper, again with a rectangle and linking each with string. each was gradually twisted more tightly.
#5 and 6 was worked with tracing paper again and rectangles. each was folded in half and stapled at the sides to make a pocket, then they were gradually opened and folded with a creases in the middle.
hanging up by the connecting string
Exercise 2 was to rip/cut several simple shapes and then divide it into two again and work with each shape separately (positive and negative)
#7 and 8 were with negative shapes and the aim was to make an undulating 'caterpillar'. #7 the pieces were connected with double sided tape and a spacer while #8 were threaded with metal wire.
#9 and 10 are the positive shapes folded and connected with shop tags. they look a bit Elizabethan ruff like.

Exercise 2 using colour and 3D shape. for this i went back to my 'R's' and stuck the yellow to the purple so they were double sided, joining up the graded yellows with the purples. i wanted again to make a sort of 'caterpillar' and found an old spiral for binding and stuck the 'R's' upright in the slots. i used 3 different sizes.
somehow from a distance they look quite bird like all with open beaks. the following are various viewpoints.

#5 changing the positioning
#6 i then decided to fold them and linked them together in various ways

#9 is working with the smaller 'R's linking them into shapes. i have found this chapter quite long to do! but this is possibly due to my lack of spare time at the moment however i hope i can now make some felt!


  1. Fascinating Ann! Lots of possibilities.

  2. The R's are AMAZING ... you're so inventive.