Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chapter 9Section B

Section B colour and shape: Exercise 1. i chose for my shape (something that has an interesting silhouette) an 'R' and made 2 stencils of differing sizes. i then cut out numerous 'R's' and arranged them in various ways on my coloured papers from the previous exercise.
they are all fairly self explanatory, here grouped together
above randomly sprinkled
i used the stencil and cut some voids and arranged various cut 'R's' on top
more arrangement and ways of linking shapes
above 2 'R's' slotted together to make a group of 8's
Exercise 2. i used the negative piece i cut from my stencil to make some overlapping shapes with chalk pastels and my fingers
then above using various cut 'R's' offset
then more above
to which i coloured the voids in with the stencil and then below added more cut shapes.
it was at this point i discovered i had missed Bristol's Graffiti festival! but hopefully the work will still be on the wall when we go next. i am now folding paper for the rest of Chapter 9 so more to follow.

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