Thursday, 27 October 2011

October Sketchbook and its nearly November!

i chose this month to work with a fig leaf and only really started this half term. we have a fig tree in our garden which usually produces copious amounts of figs which are truly scrumptious. i have always been amazed at the size of the leaves! so first drawing using a basic pencil and outline.
then ink brush and more pencil, the one on the right i didn't look at the page and it was done quite quickly hence the overlaps
then going on to wet paper, water soluble crayon and more quink!
then i started playing around with the veins.
onto colour with koh i nor and looking at small details, i love the shape of the 'u' between the lobes of the leaf
the leaf is now beginning to curl at the edges - i should really take a picture of it.
above working quickly and again not looking at the page
i have now got obsessed with the veins, making barren Christmas trees!

still looking at patterns within the leaf and using it to print with.


  1. I love your in-depth exploration of this leaf. It's amazing how really close observation can produce so many design ideas.

  2. You always produce such interesting images.I love your series of "veins"

  3. what a great loose approach to this new challenge from Sian, I particularly like pics 3 and 6, it's a really good way of getting to know one subject.
    thanks so much for dropping in on my blog, I appreciate the feedback :)

  4. What a great selection of drawings. I too, like the "U" shape on the leaf and the colours you've used.