Friday, 11 November 2011

Back to the Door - Assessment panel/hanging

i started work on this piece way back in the summer after my initial proposal way back when! after Sian's suggestions and feedback i decided to get on with it and work my first section. but just to recap, i proposed to work a series of semi transparent layers, cut them up and try embedding something in resin!
i changed the size to 36.5cm wide x 99cm long (initial proposal too small) but still in proportion to the door. Above first section worked on undyed cotton organdie. outline worked in retroflective thread with brown and purple random hand stitches worked to imitate loosely spray actions.
i then sat with this while i went on to the next panel which incorporated a piece of paper taken from a similar door which was composed of printed circles. i then went back to panel 1 and printed some black circles randomly on the letters.
section 2- thought i would now work with a series of letters taken from a section of the door and went back to a previous idea of letters along an edge. the plan was to make various letters from the words 'feed me' and then attach them to an edge of organdie. once i had made the letters i had an epiphany and decided to just link them to each other
above and below detail of letters some made with felt base and others completely transparent. i used found paper, a print of the door, some of my notes on the project, tissue paper and organdie with hand stitch and polyester film to encapsulate everything.

the next section (apologies for colour but it is on undyed organdie!)i took an image and repeated it by making a stencil and using fabric paint in purple with white spots on top. found plastic spoons were attached (a reference from the door)and some fuzzy felt letters which i still have to attach.
i then made another panel with the same image as the first but stencilled the letters with brown fabric paint and outlines with retroflective thread.
then i tried various mock ups- above mock up shows first panel with second over top. it was at this point i did the brown panel to go under for extra emphasis, but i wasn't sure i liked the outcome.
i then did the above mock up with the brown 'panel' behind, spoons and letters over it and the paper cut outs are a possible idea for cutting up the first panel and linking the letters but i am not sure whether to just use the single layer of organdie or to stitch them onto the clear polyester film to give them rigidity?! i have ruled out the resin idea. some good shadows are possible with this arrangement but i am wondering whether it is all too busy but then so is the door!
for display the sections would be staggered with space between them or cut out and pinned onto a solid backboard so they stand out? any suggestions?


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your ideas and ingenuity - you really are very unique in your approach and imagination. I've not read the blogs for a while, so am catching up on all your posts. I love the felting and needle felting of the letters, and the newspaper approach.

  2. Yuor work is so original.I like the idea of space between the sections,could you have transparent panels for each one hung from the top?Not sure how you'd attach each panel ...maybe a double transparent layer so each is encapsulated!Love the work though.

  3. It's always great to follow your creative path! Thank you for taking the pain of explaining all your meanderings

  4. As usual you've come up with something very exciting, i really like the layers and the shadows and I think the brown layer definitely anchors the whole piece.

  5. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about my recent trip to Japan.. what an interesting process and wonderful outcome.