Sunday, 27 November 2011

I think I've done it!

just to recap, the above image was my initial inspiration
and here is my finished piece. i photographed it this time with flash which has brought out the reflective thread. i have found it quite difficult making the decisions that have got me here but i at least am pleased with it. after feedback to my last post and thank you everyone who has added comments, i went back to the drawing board and had a rethink. i really felt what i had was far too busy although i was really happy with the plastic spoons! so i simplified my ideas. it is very hard getting rid of things but it has to be done sometimes.
i decided what i really was pleased with was the back panel and the strip of letters. so i thought in order to tie them together (not physically) i would work another piece based on the first panel but re-arrange the letters and possibly cut them out. this time i worked them in the bright colours from the door but still with the reflective thread outlining. i chose a pink, blue, yellow and green and worked the same stitch as the first panel.See above. afterwards i stencilled dots as with the other panel but this time in the space around the letters. you wouldn't believe how long i looked at the 3 pieces hanging together in various configurations before i finally plucked up the courage to CUT! i loved the new piece but didn't feel it worked 'as a whole'.
a detail of the 3 together showing the final cut up piece, it was worth the cutting i feel as now you can really see all 3 layers. it looks slightly grey but i think it is mainly the way i have photographed it.
a side view showing the 3 layers together.
i also thought long and hard bout the hanging mechanism and decided i wanted them to appear 'floating' in the air as if the letters had just come off the door, so they are each individually suspended with fishing line. the first panel has a piece of 'Melinex' or Mylar to the Americans stitched along the reverse at the top and lower edges to stop them curling, again stitched with fishing line so it isn't visible. to give the s&m (Sounds odd)in the next panel stability they also have a Melinex backing. i think with this hanging solution they could all be re arranged if necessary.
Total time taken:
(including pieces made but not used) 100hrs
organdie £12.24
reflective yarn £02.00
flourescent yarn £00.50
Fabric paint £01.00
sewing thread £03.00
Melinex £01.50
felt £03.50

TOTAL £23.84


  1. You've definitely cracked it Ann, I think it's worked beautifully, I love all the different elements and the sharp squiggly lines at the back are a real compliment to the letters at the front.
    It's a great piece.

  2. Ann this is gorgeous. And it is totally YOU, from start to finish, bold and so well considered.

  3. By Jove, you've done it!And very successful it is too.

  4. Such a complicated piece, really good!

  5. This is amazing, well done! I would love to see it in the flesh

  6. my goodness you have put a lot of details and textures into this piece.. wonderful!