Monday, 20 February 2012

Demise of the 92 bus route!

its typical and poignantly ironical that this week of all weeks First bus decide to curtail the 92 bus route from Exeter to Taunton. many of you will know i have based my textile for the TFSW exhibition 'Mapping the Future: Where are you now?' (opening this week at the Brewhouse)on the 92 bus route and the textile related occupations of my forebears.
i suppose in a way it is just another link in the history of this area
but it makes me sad to think that the demise of the bus, independant high street shops,
the woollen industry of the area
and all those people that have gone before will never be regained.
However on a happier note there are still some of us keeping the area 'alive' so do come along to the private view on 23rd Feb 5.30-8.00. We would love to see you.


  1. Perhaps you should base your next piece on lottery tickets - you never know there may be a happier co-incidence! I love the picture of the old mill.

  2. Good luck with the exhibition,wish i lived nearer.

    Hope you don't loose any more routes, I dread it, we rely on our bus routes to town.