Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Looking into' Sketchbook competition

for 'looking into' i chose my fireplace! As i started this at Christmas and i wanted to be able to be part of the family and do something in the evenings while watching the tv i chose something so i could do both. in the fireplace we have an old railing, a fish carved by my father and some lights.
it seems to have been an excuse for me to go abstract. my sketchbook was slightly less than A4.
i was keen to 'look into' the voids and interstices between structures such as the wall between metal shapes and light tubes
above using a smoothed gesso background
tubes of light with stitch
pages from the Radio Times for the fireplace wall
also using cut-outs to 'look into' the solid lines
exaggerating the lights
using wax resists
dusting black chalk into the cut out page
and finally emphasising the swirling light tubes with ink and stick. it has been great fun to do and to see what others have done.


  1. You are so creative, I love where your mind goes, Anne. Especially like the last page.

  2. These are just lovely.I admire the way you use colour.

  3. Wonderful drawings Anne. Good luck in the competition

  4. These are wonderful - you always amaze me. I am envious of your vision. I particularly liked the last one - its beautiful on its own as a piece of abstract art, but I can imagine it in textiles as well.

  5. Really wonderful Anne, as usual, I love everything, your starting point, your colours, your abstract shapes

  6. Really exciting collection of drawings, the last one is a superb abstract

  7. Fantastic work Anne. I love the way you have used the abstract shapes. Well done for winning the prize!

  8. Beautiful colours and lines -- congratulations on your prize-winning entry