Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lace is holey

Chapter 4, cutting,punching,slashing and melting, sounds violent! but i realise that what i have done is very controlled and ordered! one day I'll go wild. anyway the plan with this chapter is to create various forms of hole either positive or negative. i am still sticking with my cloud shape which i lifted directly from a gros point design.
#1 i used scrim with a layer of tissue on top, stitched around the edge and across the shape, then cut between stitch lines, i then used a mask and sprayed the surrounding area black
#2 a similar idea to #1 but this time i removed most of the internal threads but left some vertical ones and some of the tissue.
#3 silk organza sprayed with stencil shapes and stitch lines sewn to connect them. i then cut the background
#4 and 5 using basic stitch and cutting the cloud shape after

#6 here i layered silk organza, scrim, tissue and paper stitched around the shapes and cut back various layers/holes
#7 shape cut and then stitched very loosely and randomly within
#8 is the remaining piece from the sandwiched shapes in my last post
#9 i used a hole punch to create the shapes on the top strip of black waxed paper and to create what should be the voids in the gros point lace photocopy. if you look at the bottom of this you can see the inspiration for my 'cloud' shape
#10 a punched shape on an old flocked table mat i found in a charity shop. i masked the shape and sprayed the outer edge with black paint after cutting
#11 i have discovered my husbands black garden fleece! it is perfect for melting. here i used a background of automatic machine stitched letters and then zapped it with my wood burning tool trying to keep the background word 'lace' intact.
#12 using the fleece again and a left over piece of silk organza which i hand darned in place and then zapped the background with a fine point on my wood burning tool
#13 layers of tracing paper and nylon mesh stitched with the word 'lace' and then cut
#14 using various layers of silk organza, scrim, paper and tissue stitched with an outline and lines inside, the layers are then slashed and brushed up to make them fuzzy. i then trimmed the layers to the outline shape leaving the top layer of silk.
#15 i decided to work some more layer shapes stitching to hold them and then cutting the shape. the 'square' ones reminded me of little books!
#16 and 17 i made a shape from copper wire, heated it with a flame and melted various plastic bags and more garden fleece i layered them onto a piece of clear acetate using the wood burning tool to attache them. i didn't do any more as although i did this in a well ventilated room i found it far too smelly, although i was quite pleased with the technique.
having read this month's 'Embroidery' magazine i am very keen to try laser cutting!


  1. Fabulous post, I love the variety of your samples, and the volume of what you do is awesome.

  2. Super work! I particularly love how you have used text.

  3. Great stuff - just take some holes and join them up.