Friday, 2 March 2012

'Hey you get of my cloud' or Chapter 3 suspended shapes

Chapter 3 using suspended shapes to give the appearance of floating! i chose to use shapes taken from my gros point study which either look like clouds or oak leaves so i have Mick Jagger singing in my head at the moment.
#1 above using stencil shape and spray paint with stitch elements similar to historic links. each cloud is 6cm long and uses silk organza for the background.
#2 using machine stitch and layers of applique shapes from photocopies of gros point
#3 more applique shapes
#4 a more fluid spontaneous cloud painted and with many threads couched as one, again using ideas from my gros point lace techniques
#5 using melted bubble wrap for the base fabric with black waxed paper shapes applied and running stitch shapes
#6 going slightly 3d here with cut bubble wrap shapes and black shiny sequin shape.
#7 for this one i cut out some paper cloud shapes from left over paper that had been used to spray other cloud shapes on, juxtaposing slightly the cut shapes. they were then heat set in between 2 layers of silk organza with bonda web and more juxtaposed shapes were cut and then reapplied to organza. i have kept the background they were cut out from to use later.
#8 using an idea from gros point lace where small shapes are laid on top of each other i cut various shapes from organza with a soldering iron and applied them with large tacking crosses.
#9 i have just discovered apple (vegetable?) bags that are made from a criss cross of plastic fibres they make a great 'fabric' to work with fro transparency. i wanted to felt something without distorting the background so this was ideal, it is essentially sandwiched between two layers of felt that are needle felted together. the right hand one has a layer of paper in the sandwich, below shows it on white background.

#10 two layers of organza stitched together and then sprayed to give a dark outline, then cut to shape and distorted to make it stand proud and stitched in place.
#11 stitching around a shape and then pulling the threads very slightly to manipulate but still trying to keep the original shape
#12 using the cut out shapes left over from #10 and voiding the gaps with some old lacis
#13 finally playing around with more shapes as #10 but placing them within a clear piece of plastic i found in s skip (not sure what from) but i liked it!


  1. Love it, love it, love it. I love what you're doing (in case you hadn't guessed) and well done for winning Sian's competition.

  2. Good choice of music! Watching that video reminds me of why Mums never liked Mick Jagger! Love your clouds!

    And also, many congratulations for winning the DS art competition

  3. congratulations on drawing prize, and i too like your clouds and the music