Friday, 4 May 2012

Chapter 6 - playing with silk fibres

this chapter called for suspending bits in silk 'paper'. i have used a silk tussah fibre for the backgrounds and laid in various dyed silk fibres, organza and paper. 
above piece with added newsprint
with the above i made a sheet of blue silk paper with added bamboo fibres then cut out some cloud shapes and placed them in another sheet.
the above piece i made a sheet with black and natural fibres then cut out a repeat of oblongs and then used the original piece within another giving areas that were thinner and more transparent.

i then used the cut out pieces within a totally black piece

then i made a couple of sheets and pressed them into objects to make them 3D, top a plastic spoon and the lower one part of an old keyboard. not really getting to grips with this new fangled 'blogger' things a bit out of sink! so last one i worked some darning stitches onto the black garden fleece and then suspended within another piece. decided all a bit messy but not as much as devore paste!! but more of that later.
i will post my 5 award winners soon! 


  1. These look lovely Anne. I particularly like the 3-D ones and the darned one.

    1. Thankyou Catherine always good to get positive feedback. it's quite a messy process and not one I really enjoyed but I have to do a resolved sample later on! So watch this space