Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Chronicle Project

5 May 2012 the chronicle of a day
concertina open,view from the back
i decided to participate in The Art House Co-op's Chronicle project. 1000 people each chronicling one day in their life in any way. The only stipulation was that it had to fold down to 4" x 6" (quite difficult)!
i chose the 5 may when i went to Stroud for the 'Pairings' Symposium and exhibition. i chose to continue with my cut-out theme and made a visual 'diary' of interesting things i had seen throughout the day.
above you will see the Clifton suspension Bridge
and various other things from the day. The ArtHouse Co-op intend to display all 1000 bringing together everyones 'single day'.


  1. You astound me, yet again! Wonderful!

  2. that's amazing, Anne, very clever way of incorporating so much detail. love it!