Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chapter 9 and 10!

For Chapter 9 i chose section C, drawing with wire for laminated layers. the idea was to set out a group of anything semi-transparent, firstly drawing them as above, trying to work with a continuous line. i chose initially a perfume bottle and some plastic packaging.

i also included some clear green bottles. here i worked with colour and reflections.

more of the same

then i included some packaging with text

these are all pages from my sketchbook. those of you who were at Summer School might have seen these so sorry for being too boring.

i then made wire shapes from my drawings and cut out tissue and organdie shapes. i used the wire to rub over to give the shapes. then i laminated both the negative and positive shapes, above, onto scrim with wallpaper paste, adding paint and appliqued wire and stitch.

the second one i worked with more colour and waxed the final piece. i didn't work into these any further.


3 Resolved pieces using silk paper, soluble methods and handmade paper.

for these samples i went totally 3D.

for sample 1 here in #2 i continued with the theme from Chapter 9. i made a wire spiral with linking threads and then dipped it in paper pulp and then sprayed the whole black and varnished it.

the 'ears' which are the stopper on my perfume bottle were made using a wire form with tissue and water soluble fabric. both layers were stitched through and then water on a paint brush used to remove excess soluble fabric. the whole was then painted with ink. holes cut and stitched and then waxed to give it transparency.

Piece #2 here above was made totally with 'soluble' fabric. again i made a long ribbon of white Lutrador covered with black garden fleece. this was machine stitched to wire along the edges. the words 'perfume bottle stopper' were machine stitched along the length. it was then spiralled and the fabric between the letters removed with a wood burning tool.

the ears were worked similarly and coloured afterwards.

different angle

for the third piece i went back to the image i had used at summer school

a 3D 'u'

i made a sheet of silk paper and stitched over it with transparent threads to echo the white wash lines. i used tissue for the pattern tearing it off after but leaving some on to add texture. the 'u' is glassine paper. i applied a coating of resin to the piece before cutting out and holes within.

i attached a wire ribbon made from Lutrador and garden fleece which had been melted between stitch lines, over sewing with nylon thread, then repeating with side 2.

i like the view through the sides


  1. Snap, just got there! It's so interesting to see how you tackled chapter 9, I love the perfume bottles, great sketches.
    Your resolved samples are wonderfully different, especially the one using the 3d U I love..... the braid, such a clever idea.

  2. Ann, these are F A B U L O U S! I don't exactly understand what are you talking about ... poor me being still enmeshed in Certificate! Perhaps in the next decade I shall ...

  3. Fab - as usual! You always have such good ideas!

    1. Thanks everyone! the ideas are not flowing for my final assessment piece Meg!