Sunday, 25 August 2013

It is finished!

this is really an interim report before the final placing of my textile. after talking to Siân at Summer School i came away rethinking the 'site specific' bit, thinking exactly what i wanted to portray with the piece. it dawned on me that what i was really getting at was the fact Skypeing is an enclosed activity so in order for my piece to work it could be placed anywhere.

so to bring you up to date with my production process.....
i rethought the method for display, i really liked the net idea but made a sample which was simpler like a wire fence structure.

i worked out the size i wanted and drew a grid onto newspaper joining the paper where necessary. i wanted the top and lower edges to be re-enforced so i added a strip of Lutrador. i was still going for a long thin 'tape' like shape.
once finished i gently soaked a bit at a time removing the newsprint and hung it to dry.
i rolled it on a roller to keep it straight - deciding to revisit this technique sometime as i quite liked it with the newsprint colours.
i then sprayed the 'net' with Warhammer Chaos black spray paint a bit at a time. above shows the net with only one side sprayed, something else i might revisit.

i attached the windmills with fishing line placing them in a regular pattern. i decided that the windmills didn't need to move independently, the fact that they are possibly moving all together when placed outside is enough.
i wanted to keep it simple and i feel i have achieved this! i attached perspex rods to either end to stabilise and keep the edges straight. i am hoping this is to be displayed soon so my fixing mechanism can work wherever the item goes.
i took it outside to see how it would react en mass, firstly laying it on a path in my garden. the path behind does distract from windmills so when placing it i feel it needs a paler backing to be suspended to keep the lightness visible
i then draped it from a windowsill where i could see how it worked with the breeze. i finally attached it to my washing line and made a short video but i now need to convert the MP4 into something that i can easily attach the sound recording to and upload easily! so watch this space.

as it is still summer holidays and it might be displayed somewhere in October i am going to wait till November to take it out and about to photograph it in various situ's. i will take it to the beach but i now feel it might work best in an urban environment but the video will i hope be the final outcome.  


  1. I like your solution to hanging they look great

  2. Intriguing. The newspaper grids an inspiration - am currently doing Module 4 so it rang lots of bells. Look forward to the video

  3. It's fabulous Anne. I love windmills and all these together are brilliant.

  4. It's really lovely, Anne, so delicate but dramatic. And I agree that it fits well with an urban theme. Will look forward to the video.

  5. Brilliant! I love the final outcome, the support netting has worked perfectly, it'll be great to see the video and see it in situ when you take it out in November.

  6. love it! I think I could possibly find just the right place to hang it in my garden...!

  7. How wonderful to see it all come together after following its progress with great interest. Fascinating and beautiful!

  8. It's beautiful.I'll bet you are delighted and so you should be,well done!

    1. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, they are really appreciated.