Friday, 2 August 2013

more creating and playing

i have now finished making all the windmill bodies. the tape made 64 in the end.

some but not all

the resin has brought out the colours of the tissue
i then re-thought my net, making a sample with a larger, simpler grid and spraying it black to merge with the black of the tape. i attached two windmills to it and took it outside to see how it would work in the wind.
there is obviously not going to be any individual movement of each windmill, they will work as a 'mass' and NO sound will emerge just like a Tibetan prayer flag.

i attempted to attach another video but it was taking so long to upload i gave up! perhaps in another post.
i feel it is now decision time for the final look of the piece and the location/locations.

watch this space!



  1. Oh, the suspense! Looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Oh dear I hope it lives up to expectations

    2. Oh dear I hope it lives up to expectations

  2. Brilliant...... They look amazing en mass already, really looking forward to your next installment.

  3. Really strong winds up here today(but still sunny) and was wondering how you were getting on so great to see your posting this evening. Will keep watching the space

  4. These are looking just like sweeties.I note your last reply,trouble is my computer has been playing up for ages and it's hit and miss whether it will let me see pages of blogs!

  5. So looking forward to seeing this completed.

  6. These look fabulous, repeated patterns and so much more.........