Friday, 4 October 2013

South West Textile Group Exhibition

I have joined South West Textile Group. We are having an exhibition at the Town Mill Gallery in Lyme Regis from 5th - 27th October (not Mondays).

some of the work has been seen before but there are also many new pieces, including my windmills!
Do come along if you can.


  1. A place full of memories and inspiration for me with my parents. Would have been delighted to have seen the exhibition but best wishes to all involved am sure you will all get a great reception.

  2. Welcome to SWTG, I am co-chair and stewarding on Wednesday so will get an opportunity to see your work, I have been following your windmills with great interest.

  3. Good luck with the exhibition, I will try to find a free day to visit.

  4. All the best for the exhibition, Anne. Would love to see some photos when you can post them.

  5. Good luck with the exhibition.Is it the same group who exhibited in Bristol with Suspension?

    1. Hi jen, yes it is but there is also some new work