Sunday, 20 October 2013

Matthew Harris workshop

this time last week i was lucky enough to be on a workshop with Matthew Harris. there were 5 of us in Matthew's cosy studio. called 'from parts to a whole' we were asked to bring something to take apart! (Siân has been on one of these workshops dismantling an umbrella). anyway i took an old jewellery box of my mothers which had seen better days and i did not use.
it is leather, faded and repaired.

the object was meant to be mixed materials and anything with a history but not clothing. our group had a plug, dictaphone, book and gas mask amongst the items.
the first thing to do was to dismantle the box and save all the pieces.
i found it quite difficult as the box had been very well made so it took quite a while but eventually i had something to work with.
so from then on the workshop was run like a game all dependant on the roll of a dice. we worked through various criteria from choosing 3 different pieces to make a drawing instrument to what to draw and how to make items from the pieces by joining.
on day 2 we could expand and concentrate on a particular items or way of working we had particularly liked from the day before. i had made a bundle of 3 pieces and was keen to see what i could create with further bundles.
i made myself a set of rules!
pieces were placed in their materials type and chosen with the roll of the dice. then it was to see whether to keep them whole, cut down or pleated/folded. after that it was whether to make them into bundles or link them. then what to wrap or tie with and how many times..... it could go on forever but these are what i made.
i was also keen to explore the shapes made and wanted to spray them in true style, to see the voids left behind. so i wouldn't loose the colours i sprayed the reverse but i am really pleased with my reverse images.
i am sure this is leading me somewhere! i am quite excited about them so ..... i had a great time and Matthew was a perfect host and very generous with his knowledge. i recommend it to anyone.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity and a whole new experience for the box - a new life with the bonus of a source of inspiration and memories for you!

  2. Sounds fascinating. I love the idea of making something new from something old but retaining the old memories.

  3. I love the bundles,they have something of the Oriental about them,perhaps it is the red.Your pices looks great in the next post .I think it would look good draped too.

  4. i rather like those spraypaintings.

    1. Thanks India I rather enjoyed doing them!