Saturday, 23 November 2013

Last post except for the video, the T shirt and the cuddly toy

so to recap: site specific for Budleigh Salterton Beach
drawing of proposed positioning
after a long time of waiting for the piece to come back to me and a few failed attempts of photography due to weather etc i finally got to Budleigh yesterday. the weather was perfect there was even a breeze.
Budleigh about 11.30am Friday 22nd November
firstly i placed my piece where i had intended it to go and as i was on the bus i realised it was two years ago that i had done my visit to Budleigh for ideas so i was worried that it would not be the same! i shouldn't have worried as things move slowly down here!
Even the boat was still there to lay the piece in front of
it was surprising how small it looked when laid out!
 its quite tricky manoeuvring a lightweight textile from a bag with tissue wrapping on a beach in a breeze! i managed!
attached to a beach hut but here the bright light was against me
i then took it to the beach huts and played
more Escher like birds
i have to admit i was quite nervous at first working on a public beach, i did see a couple of fishermen looking at me oddly and one lady came up saying how beautiful and how long had it taken to make and "i wouldn't put it down there its all oily!" it did smell of the beach when i got it home!

and another authentication picture, the kind i can cope with!
video to follow when i work out how to edit!


  1. A truimph! The colours in photos 2 and 6 just bring the whole atmosphere across of your chosen place and piece. The long shadow at the end reminded me of the song Long Shadows in which there are lyrics 'I will bring you wheels of wind'!! Magic

  2. Your piece looks beautiful, I love the colours on the beach pebbles, perfect, they're not invasive and yet give a lovely surprise when seen up close.
    It's one of those pieces of art work that give you a surprise when you get up close, like Michael Brennand Wood's work.
    I love the shadows on the beech hut too. A truly beautiful and contemporary work and totally right for the setting you chose.